DeepX Health Welcomes Renowned Researcher and Entrepreneur Andre Esteva to Advisory Board

DeepX Health, a teledermatology and AI diagnostic companyspecializing in the early detection of skin cancer, proudly announces theappointment of Andre Esteva as its newest advisory board member.


"DeepX'sapproach to commercializing AI-based skin diagnostics is unique," said Andre Esteva. "Theirsubstantial international market traction indicates an insightful way topenetrate this very large and very complex space. It’s noteworthy to see thesubstantial progress achieved through revenue, rather than solely relying oninvestment capital.”


With a distinguished background in pioneering medical AIsolutions, Esteva brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as Head ofMedical AI at Salesforce Research and various roles at esteemed institutionsincluding Google Research, Sandia National Labs, and GE Healthcare. He currentlyserves as the Founder and CEO of Artera AI, a pioneer in medical AI.


Esteva's illustrious career has been marked by hisgroundbreaking research focusing on medical AI diagnostics and precisionmedicine. Notably, he was the co-lead author of one of the seminal papers ondeep learning algorithms for skin cancer detection published in Nature in2017.  His publications have been on thecovers of prestigious journals such as Nature and Nature Medicine, and havebeen featured in other top journals including Cell, The Lancet, and NeurIPS.His work has received widespread attention from media outlets such as The WallStreet Journal, Fortune, BBC, and The Economist, solidifying his reputation asa thought leader in the field.


A Stanford alumn, Esteva earned his PhD in ArtificialIntelligence, specializing in deep learning and computer vision applied tohealthcare. Prior to this, he achieved undergraduate degrees with highesthonors in Electrical Engineering and Pure Mathematics from UT-Austin, where hewas honored as Engineering Valedictorian.


On the Board of Advisors of DeepX Health, Esteva will contributeto the company's mission to revolutionize skin healthcare through cutting-edgeAI technologies, building upon his proven track record of innovation andleadership in the industry.


Christian Horn, founder and CEO of DeepX Health, said, "Weare thrilled to welcome Andre Esteva to DeepX Health's advisory board. Hisextensive experience and groundbreaking contributions to AI diagnostics will beinvaluable as we continue to innovate and expand our teledermatology anddiagnostic solutions.”

About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most prevalent cancer worldwide. In theUnited States alone, it is estimated that about 5 million adults are treatedfor skin cancer each year. Approximately 1/5 people in the US will develop skincancer in their lifetime, and nearly 20 Americans die from melanoma each day.The most prevalent types of skin cancer are melanoma, basal cell carcinoma andsquamous cell carcinoma. Early detection is critical to improve thesurvivability of skin cancer.

About DeepX Health

DeepX Health is a teledermatology and skin cancerdiagnostics company working to enable early skin cancer diagnosis byintegrating device technology, AI, and teledermatology. Our DermoSightdermatoscope is designed for integration with our AI diagnostics algorithm (indevelopment), empowered by our proprietary “Optical Biopsy” technology.


Our DermoSight service has facilitated over 200,000consultations in Boots pharmacies and primary care locations across Europe. DermoSightis FDA cleared and ready for U.S market entry, demonstrating our commitment toadvancing teledermatology for the benefits of patients and practitionerseverywhere.​


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