The ScreenCancer Service

The ScreenCancer Mole Scanning Service is DeepX Health’s longest standing service. It offers our customers the opportunity to have any mole that is causing them concern checked on a drop-in basis. Using our own dermatoscope and tele-dermatology software, developed in-house by the DeepX Health group, the service is available in a pharmacy setting in five European countries and approximately 300 pharmacies.

A pharmacist or pharmacy assistant takes a medical history and takes digital images of the particular lesion(s). The digital images are uploaded using our proprietary patient management software, and can then be assessed remotely by a consultant dermatologist. Our experienced dermatology nurses then provide feedback to the customer on whether the lesion is suspicious and requires further assessment in a physical examination.

The ScreenCancer Service has analysed more than 120.000 skin lesions to date, and provided our customers with a fast assessment, either giving them peace-of-mind that no further action is required or giving them an expert assessment of their lesion that they can take to their GP or dermatology consultant to ensure they get the treatment and support that they need.

Our Mole Scanning Service has been in commercial operation for almost 10 years, through a global collaboration agreement with the Walgreens Boots Alliance, and focused on early screening for potential malignant melanoma. In 2019, extending our partnership with Boots UK, we introduced our new Skin Scanning Service in the UK, through which our dermatologists consultants provide advice on a much broader range of other skin conditions as well.

For more information about these services, please visit the ScreenCancer website.