Research & Publications

DeepX Health’s work is based on clinical evidence. With our mission of implementing disruptive technologies to change the medical pathway, we know that our solutions must be verified by the highest level of reliable evidence in order to gain support.

This is why we are always seeking to demonstrate the reliability of our solutions through clinical studies. We have collaborated with some of the world’s leading institutions in order to create the best environment possible to trial our products and services. To date, we have been featured in several publications, all of which demonstrate the promising abilities of our solutions to improve the current standards.

Our most recent publication was featured in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology in March 2018, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic (AZ, US). We are currently in the process of establishing new clinical studies that we hope will deliver the same excellent results as previous publications.

Full version of the publications are available at:

British Journal of Dermatology

Screening in pharmacies