Game-changing imaging technology

DeepX Health Solutions targets the public sector of the international skin cancer market in close collaboration with the Mayo Clinic.

Balter Medical was established in 2001 by the two brothers, Prof. Jakob Stamnes and Prof. Knut Stamnes. Having gained a unique and leading expertise in Optical Transfer, a mathematical modelling technique applied to digital photographic images of tissue to improve the understanding of tissue properties, from collaborations with US space agency NASA among others, the two brothers founded Balter Medical with the purpose of applying the Optical Transfer technology on human skin.  

Balter Medical has successfully developed a medical imaging device (DermoSight) and a diagnostic algorithm for detection of skin cancer. The CE-marked DermoSight device is already in commercial use in several European countries, distributed by its sister-company ScreenCancer. The Balter Diagnostic Indication Algorithm (BDIA) is expected to be available in 2021, following a large-scale international trial. The Balter technology is completely safe and non-invasive, and no pre-treatment is required.  

Since founding Balter Medical, the company has attracted more than £6 million in support from private investors and public organisations. In 2019, Balter Medical was fully acquired by DeepX Health, where Balter Medical constitutes one of three companies in DeepX Health’s portfolio of technology and healthcare focused firms.  

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