Perhaps the world’s largest database of skin lesion images

DeepX Analytics is targeting the direct-to-consumer market segment of the skin diagnostics market.

DeepX Health’s x-factor. DeepX Analytics was established as recently as 2019 with a mission to utilize the unique DeepX database. As the management team understood the overwhelming potential for value creation from the DeepX Health’s exclusive access to what may be the world’s largest database of skin lesion images, with follow-up reports and sub-surface information about the skin, it was decided to phase out the operations of creating value from the data in a completely new company to ensure that the highly specialised teams at ScreenCancer and Balter Medical were not distracted.

DeepX Analytic swill focus solely on utilizing the database to save lives, save costs and thereby create value for the group. The first project is already well underway ,a new dermatology app for smart devices that will provide users all over the world with a safe and high-quality assessment of skin lesions. In the future, the database will be used to enhance the group’s AI capabilities, and the team can already see several other medical areas which may benefit from the DeepX database.  

More information to come. Please check again soon…