Commercial Use

While our skin cancer detection algorithm is still in the final developing stages, DermoSight has obtained the CE-mark for the European region and is already in use in commercial operation. Together with its predecessors, DermoSight has contributed to delivering more than 180,000 commercial assessments of suspicious skin lesions in a collaboration service between DeepX Health’s subsidiary, ScreenCancer, and Walgreens Boots Alliance.

The Mole Scanning Service offers customers the opportunity to have any mole that is causing them concern checked on a drop-in basis in the pharmacy setting. Using the DermoSight dermatoscopic instrument and tele-dermatology software, the service is available in five European countries. In 2019, the Mole Scanning Service was complemented by the Skin Scanning Service in the UK. The introduction of the Skin Scanning Service combines DermoSight’s removable nosecone and tele-dermatology software to provide dermatologist consultant advice on a much broader range of skin conditions.

The commercial use of DermoSight in European pharmacies has provided DeepX Health with perhaps the world’s largest database of skin lesion images. With access to more than 120,000 images, information from subsurface skin layers and follow-up medical reports, DeepX Health aims to utilize its database and medical algorithm skills for value creation and saving lives. The first project is already well underway, as the extensive database is being utilized to develop new medical algorithms. The potential to adapt algorithms to other distribution channels for the skin diagnostics market, including a direct-to-consumer channel, are also being explored.

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