We see beneath the skin to improve patient care and save lives.

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DeepX Health aims to become a world leader in cancer screening and analytics

We aim to do so by continual application of novel, ground-breaking technologies, medical algorithms (AI), and distribution models. Our mission is to save lives by detecting cancer in the early and curable stages. Our initial focus is on skin.

Challenges in skin cancer prevention

Problem 1

Inefficient diagnostic tools cause high numbers of unnecessary referrals

Discriminating a case of malignant melanoma from normal moles requires training, experience and a dermatoscope. Only 8% of General Practitioners (GPs) in France possess a dermatoscope (1), with similar uptake rates across Western countries. This leads to a disproportionate number of benign biopsies.


¹British Journal of Dermatology, 2016. “Dermoscopy, a useful tool for general practitioners in melanoma screening”

Problem 2

Late diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma

Early detection is key for survival of skin cancer. When caught early, the 5-year survival rate from malignant melanoma is 98%. However, the 5-year survival rate falls to just 23% when melanoma metastasizes to distant organs (2). Treatment costs for late stage therapy are also very expensive, estimated to be as high as $495,000 per patient (3).

Problem 3

Long waiting time for dermatologist consultations

Guidelines give priority to potential cancer patients, and inefficient diagnostic tools mean that an excessive number of patients are referred to secondary care. This results in long waiting times for curable skin issues with a big impact on the quality of life.


³Dermatology Times, 2019. “Treating melanoma: The cost of care vs the value of life”

Providing easy access solutions for screening and diagnosis

DeepX Health seeks to disrupt the current diagnostic pathway of skin conditions. Our mission is to save lives by having more patients checked early, less inappropriate biopsies and fewer missed cases of malignant melanoma


Primary Care

Smart devices

New "easy access" to screening


AI-algorithm to triage specialist referrals

"All" biopsied

Improved patient care and lives saved